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Academe Tutoring Service

A web platform where tutors and tutees of a local school or community can sign up to organise tutoring sessions, classes, live chat, video call etc. Built with React, Graphql, Node JS, MongoDB, and Docker. The project uses Jest for integration testing and Cypress for end-to-end testing.

Visit Website Academe website

ARG Discord Bot

This is a Discord Bot developed specifically for Alternate Reality Games (ARG), which are interactive networked narratives that use the real world as a platform. This bot lets users easily decode/encode different codes, such as Base64, Binary, Morse Code or even search Wikipedia, all with simple chat commands.

Github Repository Demonstration of the ARG-Bot

Student Clock

This is a clock web application for showing upcoming or current events. The events can be set up on a Google Calendar, where this application will retrieve them through the Google Calendar API (and push notifications) instantaneously. In this instance, it is used at my current school to display information about the timing of school periods.

Web Application

This also comes with a custom Chrome Extension:

Chrome Extension Github Repository (for extension) Screenshot of Clock App

Google Docs Moderation

This is an application which extends the user management system of Google Docs. Moderators can use this Docs add-on to Permanently Ban, Temporarily Ban, Kick or Warn users (all will be notified by email) in the document. All the information is stored through Google Sheets and forms are created with Google Forms. There are a number of roles (Admin, Moderator) and different settings to suit the needs of different users. Created with Google Apps Script.

Github Repository Gdocs Moderation Screenshot

About Me

I'm Bruce and I'm a passionate software/web developer in New Zealand. I have volunteered for many projects, all of which somehow help out my friends, family or the local community.

I use a wide range of languages, including HTML & CSS, Javascript, Python and C++. For the fronend, I tend to use the React JS, sometimes with Next JS. On the backend, I have experience with Node JS, Graphql APIs, Docker, Kubernetes, and SQL and NoSQL databases. I enjoy learning about different cloud technologies and serverless computing.

Approach me with any exciting app ideas.

I'm currently working on my competitive programming skills in C++.

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Finalist of New Zealand’s top competition for young inventors:

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Coding Challenges

I also like to spend time working on improving my general programming skills through challenges and competitions, often from NZOI.

Anagram Detection




Counting Islands


Binary Search


Bubble Sort


And more...


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